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Business Needs

Hope Media Group has a mission to be a voice of hope and help people to connect with God. As a listener-supported, non-profit they need their customer information to be contained in one source to prevent duplicate marketing efforts.

DQ Global Solution

DQ for Dynamics™

Complete D365 Data Management Solution

DQ for Dynamics™ works inside Dynamics 365 to improve data quality and provide you with data that is fit for business use.

Business Benefits

Using DQ for Dynamics™, Hope Media Group were able to create a centralised customer database to ensure all departments and stations have an aligned communication plan.

Company Background

Hope Media Group (HMG) is a family of brands that serve to connect people in Houston and around the world more deeply to God through radio, events, online content, and mobile apps. Our family of brands reaches over 2 million people each month and includes KSBJ, NGEN Radio, Vida Unida, HOPE ON DEMAND, Special Events and AMEN: The Prayer App.

Data Quality Challenge

Our biggest data quality challenge has been merging duplicates records. We have a constant flow of contacts (new and existing) from various sources. We needed a way to identify them and merge them together creating one golden record per customer.

Recently we migrated away from various disparate solutions to one centralized platform and rolled out Dynamics as our CRM and Marketing automation platform. This solution consolidation only amplified our need for a sophisticated data management tool to clean and merge our records.

Data Quality Solution

Hope Media Group (HMG) currently leverages DQ for Dynamics™ to create master record and match rules on both account and contact records.

The Process

To start with, Hope Media Group (HMG) used DQ for Dynamics™ to scan for 1000’s of duplicate records, create a ‘best record’, and then creates a single donor view in Dynamics 365.

Due to the high volume of duplicate records, a decision was made to automate the processing of duplicate records. Rules were implemented to automatically select the ‘best record’ and then fill this record with the best data from the other duplicate records.

Using inbuilt rules meant they saved hours of review time and created a future proof process for automatically reviewing duplicate records. Any records that were marked as ‘Ambiguous’ were sent to a data steward review screen so that they could be further analysed and processed.

Once the database was clean, the same duplicate scanning process has been used to find duplicate records which are being created on a daily basis. Using automation to find duplicate records and remove them so that D365 remains duplicate free.

Using DQ for Dynamics meant Hope Media Group could clean up their existing legacy datasets, but also ensure they kept a clean, duplicate free database moving forward.

The Results

We have identified, cleansed, and merged over 10,000 duplicate records so far and are just getting started. As we expand our CRM to include additional data capture sources, we are finding more duplicates and a greater need for DQ for Dynamics™.

DQ has been instrumental in our journey to create a better experience for our customers. Before using DQ for Dynamics™, our customers often suffered from communication fatigue. They might receive several emails on the same day from different departments. With the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Marketing and DQ for Dynamics™, we now have a centralized customer database, aligned communication plan and one master record per customer.

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