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Business Needs

The Business was migrating data from one CRM
to another and wanted to remove duplicates to
achieve a Single Customer View.

DQ Global Solution

DQ for Dynamics™

Complete D365 Data Management Solution

DQ for Dynamics™ works inside Dynamics 365 to improve data quality and provide you with data that is fit for business use.

Business Benefits

DQ for Dynamics™ helped to remove duplicate
records and create a single customer view.
Giving Countryside Alliance confidence in their data.

Company Background

Countryside Alliance is the leading campaigning membership organisation representing the interests of country people from all backgrounds and geographical locations. Their aim is to promote understanding and acceptance of the rural way of life and country pursuits in a managed landscape, and to protect them from bias, misinformation and over regulation. They publicise the economic, social and environmental contribution the countryside makes to the national economy and quality of life.

The Data Quality Challenge

“We were implementing a change of CRM and wanted to have a solution in place that could manage the continued deduplication of the migrated data and be easy to use going forward.

We are aware of the ongoing frustrations of duplicate records, and being a membership organisation we have a number of family members with similar contact details, or members and supporters who provide more than one address causing duplicate records to be created.  Data has been imported from various external sources and it is important to the organisation to get an accurate understanding of each contact, as well as save on marketing costs.

We really wanted to try and migrate data that would give a clear picture of the members and supporters engagement with CA.  We also did not want to take over data into the new system that could not be used going forward due to GDPR rules or loss of engagement with that contact. CA also wanted to limit our storage costs with the new cloud-based system having reduced our data migration by 50%. Initial deduplication was run in the old CRM but we were aware there was still some further work required to ensure we had a single customer view.

Moving over to a new system, our marketing and sales team were very keen on doing more personal and targeted campaigns and it was very important that we had a correct history of engagement for our members and supporters.  Due to the demographic of our membership, CA still does a lot of direct marketing and mailing of membership information, and it is important to keep these costs down by making sure no duplicate correspondence is sent to the same contact.”

Data Quality Solution

“We were looking for a deduplication solution that worked seamlessly with our new CRM that would allow viewing of the contact record when it had been flagged for merging.  We wanted flexibility when choosing the different matching criteria and particular field values available to view at first selection as we have a number of hierarchical requirements for master and duplicate merging. DQ for Dynamics™ fitted our requirements perfectly.

The solution also allows us to view several matched duplicate records side by side, which is especially useful for CA where we have family members or same contacts with different addresses.  It also allows marking a record as not a duplicate temporarily or permanently therefore, they do not come up again as a duplicate match against a master record. We particularly find the flexibility of choice with attribute grouping and rules extremely useful due to different matching possibilities within our dataset.

The data team uses the solution on a regular basis being able to pick up reviewing a session when there is free time. The solution is easy to use especially with the ability to clone previous sessions.”

The Results

DQ for Dynamics™ has helped keep our duplicate records under control and there is more confidence in the data accuracy for marketing and reporting purposes including membership retention analysis. It is now a lot easier to keep on top of the situation and keep mailing costs down. The Marketing Team are now able to use personalisation with more confidence”.

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