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Business Needs

As one of the largest accounting firms in California, it was vital for BPM to have data it could trust. Microsoft Dynamics’ built-in deduplication function was not enough to manage the sheer quantity of records BPM had in its system.

DQ Global Solution

DQ for Dynamics™

Complete D365 Data Management Solution

DQ for Dynamics™ works inside Dynamics 365 to improve data quality and provide you with data that is fit for business use.

Business Benefits

Using DQ for Dynamics™, BPM was able to deduplicate their data in record time utilising our robust fuzzy logic algorithm and auto promote functionality,

Company Background

Founded in 1986, BPM is one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in California, ranking in the top 50 in the USA. With multiple offices across the Bay Area, BPM serves emerging and mid-cap businesses, as well as high-net-worth individuals in a broad range of industries, including financial services, technology, life science, manufacturing, food, wine/craft brewing, automotive, non-profits, real estate and construction. The Firm’s International Tax Practice is one of the largest on the West Coast and its well-recognized SEC practise serves approximately 35 public reporting companies, mostly in the technology industry.

Data Quality Challenge

As a Professional Practice, maintaining data quality in a CRM system is a significant task. Although Microsoft Dynamics provides its own duplicate detection jobs and rules, it is just not enough. Hence, it ends up creating duplicate client and contact records in a system with inconsistent and worn-out data.

With so many duplicate profiles and bad data, it has led to bad analysis which resulted in inefficient processing and reporting. In one way, we were losing trust in the application.

Data Quality Solution

DQ for Dynamics™ is nothing but exceptional! With its robust fuzzy logic algorithm and auto promote functionality, we created sessions based on alphabets for accounts and contacts and cleaned up the duplicates firm-wide, making our CRM system the single source of truth.

The Results

After applying the solution, we realised that we had a high percentage of duplicates, however, the auto-promote feature has been a great asset. It saves time so you don’t have to look into each record to find out the master record.

Our overall data quality, data integrity and uniformity has been remarkably improved. This has led to correct and precise information and reporting.

DQ for Dynamics™ is nothing but exceptional! The user interface is very user-friendly, easy-to-use, and incredibly fast.

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