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Our 9 Ways Data Bureau Services Make Data Cleansing Easy

9 ways data bureau services make data cleansing easy

9 Ways Data Bureau Services Make Data Cleansing Easy

Data bureau services are data cleansing services that improve business datasets. These services cover all of the processes needed to make data fit for purpose: cleansing, deduplicating, matching and more.

Regardless of how your data is used, cleansing is always at the centre of a data quality drive. With data bureau services, we can process data and enhance your data, applying our expert knowledge in data quality to ensure flawless outputs.

Bureau Services or Data Quality Software?

So how are bureau services different to data quality software?

In short, the service and the product are aimed at slightly different customers.

While some of our customers want to have full hands-on control of the way their data is cleansed, others use data bureau service as a more affordable and practical option. Depending on the size of your organisation and the size of your data warehouse, either option will work for you.

Data quality software is still a great way to invest in long-term, hands on data quality initiatives. The data bureau service is simply a different route to the same destination.

Cleansing Made Simple

The biggest overall benefit of data bureau services is ease of use. Because we handle the process for you, it’s a very lightweight operation as far as your business is concerned.

We can break this ease of use down into 9 key areas that describe our data bureau services:

1. They are versatile

Data bureau services can be used to clean practically any database, regardless of its complexity or language. As part of the service, our team ensures your data is formatted correctly for the locale in which it will be used. When we match data, we can use almost any field as the term of reference, so duplicates are always identified.

2. They are secure

There’s no need to worry about the risks involved with exporting your data. DQ Global’s professional data bureau team ensures that the highest security standards are adhered to while the data is in transit and at rest. If you prefer not to export data, our team can work on-site or connect remotely to administer the data cleansing operations.

3. They are customisable

Despite its speed and convenience, our data bureau service is not a one-size-fits-all approach to data cleansing. The process begins with an audit of the data, and our team makes various recommendations based on the results. You will have the opportunity to prescribe further action, including giving direction on exactly how you want your data to be formatted and cleansed. It will be our job to work to your specific requirements so that the data we return to you is absolutely fit for purpose.

4. They are accurate

DQ Global can verify addresses in more than 240 countries, match different spoken languages and check the formatting of email addresses and telephone numbers. Nothing is left to chance. If we find a flaw in your data, it will be cleansed using our tried and tested algorithms which power the entire DQ Global suite of services and software.

5. They are intelligent

Data bureau services don’t simply draw on your own business knowledge. Our team hooks into third party data sources, such as ‘gone away’ records, to check that all of the data you hold is current. Our team also checks your database against marketing preference lists so that nobody receives a marketing mail they don’t want. And if a customer has moved house, we will trace them and match them up to their new address. This added intelligence can transform a fairly good database into a truly great business asset.

6. They are scalable

During the process, we can optionally expand your database. Our vast knowledge of business data means we can append more fields, such as demographic data, rounding and improving the asset you’ve built in house. We can even identify decision makers simply by analysing their job titles at work.

7. They are efficient

Data bureau services are an effective solution when you need fast, efficient results. DQ Global offers a quick turnaround and flaw-free import process once the cleansed data is returned. This has a knock-on effect on the public face of the organisation, which is seen as modern, caring and reliable.

8. They are cost-effective

Data bureau services are great for small businesses as well as larger ones. You don’t need to up-skill staff or hire additional resource, and you don’t need to invest time training existing staff in data cleansing processes. We do the entire cleansing operation for you. This also means that you will not need to buy any data quality software until your business is ready to move on to in-house data quality initiatives.

9. They get results

Every business depends on data to build information, and it’s this information that propels the business forward. With accurate, clean and enhanced data, marketing campaigns are better received, more targeted and more relevant to the customers they are sent to. Business intelligence is enhanced, and reporting becomes more reliable. From the customer service team to the boardroom, everyone is working from accurate data that eliminates rework and waste. This results in more profit and a better outlook for the business going forward.

Act Now For Cleaner Data

Data quality is an essential consideration for any business, and data bureau services make data quality objectives easy and straightforward to achieve. Not only that, a high standard of data quality means your business will be fully compliant with the Data Protection Act, preventing legal challenges or breaches. No matter what size your organisation might be, or how much resource you have, data bureau services can put your business on the right track for improvement.

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Written by Martin Doyle

Martin is CEO and founder of DQ Global, a Data Quality Software company based in the UK. With an engineering background, Martin previously ran a CRM Software business. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and has established himself as a Data Quality Improvement Evangelist and an industry expert.