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DQ Blog Data Quality Not if you Need to Dedupe, but When you need to Dedupe

Not if you Need to Dedupe, but When you need to Dedupe

Mary Doyle November 27th, 2012 Data Quality

Its Not an if you Need to Dedupe, It’s a When you need to Dedupe

There are many reasons why you need deduplication technology; every business budget just has to allow for it. The benefits are numerous and it soon pays for itself. First deployed in data back-up solutions to reduce excess storage needs, it has now migrated to all business operations making them more efficient. Deduplication software is recognised as a really important aspect of data scrubbing.

Deduplicated Data Saves Time and Resources

If you are a senior manager or director, you don’t want to receive the same information in reports from different departments. You only have to deal with issues once, and it wastes your time for it to come up over and over again.

If you are an IT professional, you want your master data management to consolidate data that can be made available to your directors and senior managers just once. With reputable deduplication software deployed across applications, you can do that, and the data can be relied on as a basis for those important business decisions which will improve turnover and boost profit margins.

Deduplicated Data Enhances your Reputation

For the sales and marketing department, deduplication software is just as vital. Their success depends on a single customer view with everything known about each customer or target residing on a master record available to all. When your data cleansing solutions include the facility for deduplication, customers won’t be upset when you don’t know they buy from you regularly, and targets won’t be annoyed by receiving several identical copies of your direct mailing.

If you are part of a hotel chain which has a consolidated database of guest records, with a reliable single customer view, you will know if someone making a booking has stayed at one of the other hotels. With a database that records preferences, you could see at a glance if they will want a morning newspaper, and which one, even if they haven’t stayed at your specific hotel before.

If you are not in the hospitality business, what could master data that has been deduped do for you? Whatever business you’re in, duplicate data isn’t going to be good for it. When will you be deduping?