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DQ Blog Article New Match Version 8 Now Available

New Match Version 8 Now Available

Martin Doyle February 18th, 2013 News
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New Match Version 8 Is Now Available

Match Version 8
 combines fixes and application enhancements which offer an improved user experience, plus a new data profiling capability.

Release Notes for Match Version 8


  • When adding an SQL Filter to a Session, Match now allows it to span several lines in true SQL Syntax.
  • The Data Preview Tooltip has been revised for clearer visibility when running under Microsoft Windows Version 7 and above.
  • The licensing error message has been modified to give the end-user a clearer indication of the possible problem and directs them to the website FAQ’s.


  • Two new Rules have been included in the Rules Builder as part of the Data Processor.
  • Split A String – This allows a string to be split on any designated delimiter taking into account whether the first or last delimiter should be used.

An example is shown below:

To match records by their domain the email can be split to the right of the “@” symbol in an email so, support@dqglobal.com and accounts@dqglobal.com will all become dqglobal.com for the purpose of say matching, or perhaps the creation of a website

  • Data Profiling Pattern Mask – This enables a simple Pattern Mask to be applied to any column based data being processed and recognise correct and incorrect data patterns.

Examples are shown below:

  • Email: ,MSmith123’hotmail.com becomes AAaaaa999’aaaaaaa.aaa showing the @ symbol is missing and the email will fail to send
  • Phone: +44 (0)2392 988303 becomes +99 (9)9999 999999 showing the local area prefix of (0) still exists which will fail to dial from a mobile phone or automated dialler.
  • Postcode: P016 8XT becomes A999 9AA showing the second digit 0 as an invalid character the letter “O” has been incorrectly replaced with a “0” zero.

The above confirms DQ Global®’s commitment to continuous improvement and desire for its clients to create and maintain data which is fit for business use. If you would like further information on our products please contact sales@dqglobal.com


Written by Martin Doyle

Martin is CEO and founder of DQ Global, a Data Quality Software company based in the UK. With an engineering background, Martin previously ran a CRM Software business. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and has established himself as a Data Quality Improvement Evangelist and an industry expert.