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Information Waste and Data Quality

By not having a Data Quality system in place you may be running this risk of Information Waste. Data is a key focus for many businesses and having data that is accurate, duplicate free and up to date is key to success.

Are you wasting  information? The seven information wastes:

Overproduction:? Too much data, redundant systems, duplications, silos of data across the business

Transportation:?  Unnecessary data migration, data export and re-import, movement of data manually. Posting and returning things that are duplicated or don’t arrive, get handled multiple times and burn up carbon units

Motion:?  Wasted effort searching for records or adding the same data into multiple applications ?Doing extra unnecessary work when adding names and addresses?No pick lists, check boxes or data hierarchies to cut keystrokes

Waiting:  Idle time waiting for reports, often whilst data is being consolidated and corrected by another department or waiting for authorisations etc. that delay decisions

Processing:?  Multiple applications collecting the same or similar information?Producing unnecessary reports that add no value ? Unnecessary reconciliation/codification differences across systems? Re-working data which should have been right first time

Inventory:?  Too much information redundantly stored, duplications deceased, gone away or people who have stated a preference not to be contacted

Defects:  Data entry errors, data migration errors, missing or incomplete data, lost records and bad decisions based off poor information

If any of the above sounds familiar, you may need to seek some help with your data. We can help you turn your data into information. We have a range of data quality software for the do-it-yourself approach or using our  Data Bureau Services, we can do the work for you.  For more information about our range of data quality software, contact us for a free 30 day trial or arrange a demo.