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Blogs Article Improve your direct mail ROI with a little help from technology

Improve your direct mail ROI with a little help from technology

Conor Doyle March 7th, 2023 Article

Digital marketing may be rising however traditional direct mail is still proving to have an impact on your audience

Despite the rise of digital marketing, direct mail (i.e., sending printed materials like letters, brochures, and postcards to customers) is still a very effective way to connect with your target audience. 

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), the average response rate for direct mail is 4.9% for prospect lists and 9% for existing customers, compared to email marketing which typically has a lower response rate of 1%. 

Direct mail can be a very effective strategy for converting and driving sales, particularly when combined with other marketing channels. 

Research by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing found that direct mail has the highest conversion rate (8.4%) compared to other channels, including social media (1.9%) and email at (1%). 


A successful direct mail campaign can deliver a great return on investment 

Sky recently experienced impressive customer interaction levels with their highly impactful, interactive mailing campaign – Sky Winback. The campaign received 20% above ROI expectations, demonstrating that there is still a place for printed mailings in the marketing toolkit. 


Improve your ROI with accurate address data   

A direct mail campaign can cost anything from £0.30 to more than £5.00 per item, depending on the nature of the printed materials. 

Around 5.6% of business mailings will never arrive at their intended destination due to incorrect or incomplete addresses in the customer mailing database. 

If you send 250,000 mailings a year at the range of £0.30 to £5.00 per mailing, the cost of avoidable undeliverable mail could be between £4,200 and £70,000 to your business! 


This unnecessary postal waste is easily avoided by ensuring that the address data you’re entering and storing in your customer database is up to date and postally correct. 

This is where technology can assist.  Address correction technology improves address data quality by standardising address formats and validating addresses, to improve delivery rates, and enhance the customer experience. 

By implementing address correction technology, organisations can ensure that their address data is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date, leading to better business outcomes. 

Address search and auto-populate tools prevent the risk of incorrect customer data impacting the ROI of your direct mailing campaigns. 

Search for addresses across 250+ countries to ensure you only capture correct and standardised addresses with DQ Address Search


Written by Conor Doyle

Conor has been at DQ Global for the past 3 years. He now leads the sales team to maintain and build client and business partner relationships. Throughout, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience surrounding Data Quality and established himself as an industry expert.