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I was a duplicate Record!

Mary Doyle August 26th, 2014 Data Governance, Data Quality
Duplicate record

As a point of contact for Recruitment agencies at our company, I regularly receive telephone calls from them promoting their services.

This week I received a telephone call from a large online recruitment agency. As the caller started “his script” it felt very familiar and I very quickly realised that I had received the very same telephone call from this company a week ago.
I listened politely to what he had to say and then I explained to him that we did not require his services at the moment and pointed out to him that I had been called last week by someone from his company. He assured me that from my records I was last called in June. I was 100% certain that I received a call from this agency last week.
He finally admitted (quietly) that there was probably a duplicate record of me on their system! This situation was embarrassing for the caller and an interruption and annoyance to me.

Last week, as a company we also received a letter from a large supplier informing us that they were changing their system and we needed to log into our account and take some action. We received two of these letters, clearly our company account has a duplicate record on their system.

Duplicates in a database or CRM system are a common and frustrating problem. As databases and CRM systems grow, they become more and more difficult to manage. If you don’t maintain the data in whichever database or CRM system you are using, it will lead to embarrassing mix-ups and mailing errors which can be costly and time consuming. Upsetting your customers or potential customers can be damaging to your reputation and brand. Your company data is an asset, ensuring it is accurate and up to date is not just a requirement, it is a necessity.

At DQ Global, we have been working with data for the past 20 years. We have developed our Data Cleansing Software to help companies remove duplicates, prevent duplicates from entering a system, perfecting and merging data across systems and ultimately achieving a single customer view of a customer. We have a wide range of Data Quality Software that can tackle most data quality issues to provide you with data you can trust in order to avoid upsetting your customers or potential customers.

As for me, will I use this recruitment agency again – who knows?