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DQ Blog Article How to spot a financial crime

How to spot a financial crime

Conor Doyle August 8th, 2022 Article

Could you spot a financial crime?

Financial Crime (FinCrime) is simply a crime that involves taking money or property that belongs to someone else for financial gain. FinCrime is a multi-trillion pound business for criminal organisations, with an estimated 2-5% of global GDP representing illicit funds, laundered through global financial networks.

Fraudsters have been committing financial crime since even the bronze age, with dishonest weights and measures used to defraud trade customers. We now find ourselves in the information age, FinCrime is not only more common, but more complex and harder to tackle.

See our presentation on how to spot a financial crime.

Experian and DQ Global have combined forces to enable you to easily identify, assess and mitigate financial crime. The DQ FinCrime products allow you to collect and assess high-quality data to provide a robust view of businesses, what they do, and the people behind them to better understand the compliance risk.

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