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DQ Blog Master Data Management From Aviation to Automation: The crucial role of accurate data in Microsoft Copilot

From Aviation to Automation: The crucial role of accurate data in Microsoft Copilot

Sue Redman October 31st, 2023 Master Data Management

Navigating the complex skies of modern business operations is much like piloting an aircraft through turbulent weather. Just as an aviator relies on accurate flight data to ensure a safe and efficient journey, businesses count on precise customer information to guide their sales, marketing and customer service trajectories.


When a pilot receives incorrect flight data, the consequences can range from minor detours to catastrophic mishaps. Similarly business operations, especially when using sophisticated tools like Microsoft Copilot, inaccurate customer data can veer the business off its intended course.

Microsoft’s recent launch of Copilot has been met with palpable excitement and anticipation. As a cutting-edge tool designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365, Copilot promises to revolutionise the way professionals navigate their daily tasks and collaborations.

This article delves into the implications of such data discrepancies, highlighting the paramount importance of customer data accuracy and precision. Just as aviation professionals diligently cross-check every piece of data, CRM users must also ensure the integrity of their customer data to ensure a successful “flight” in the business universe.


The impacts of incorrect customer data in using Microsoft Copilot

  • Misdirected Collaboration: Inaccurate customer data can lead Copilot to suggest collaboration with the wrong team members within Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. This could delay critical decision-making or project execution.
  • Inefficient Task Management: Using Microsoft To-Do or Planner with Copilot’s assistance based on faulty customer data could lead to the creation of unnecessary tasks or overlooking critical ones, hampering project timelines.
  • Miscommunication in Emails: When using Outlook with Copilot’s assistance, wrong customer data can lead to incorrect email suggestions, potentially causing communication breakdowns or misinformed decisions.
  • Compromised Document Creation: In Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Copilot might suggest content or templates not aligned with the actual requirements if it’s basing its suggestions on incorrect customer data.
  • Flawed Data Analysis: Within Excel, Copilot’s data analysis or visualisation recommendations based on faulty data could result in misguided business strategies or decisions.
  • Loss of Competitive Edge: Businesses that integrate Copilot with Microsoft 365 based on inaccurate customer insights might miss out on optimised workflows, thus falling behind competitors who harness the platform effectively.
  • Operational Disruptions: Incorrect data may lead Copilot to suggest suboptimal configurations or settings in Microsoft 365 apps, causing disruptions or inefficiencies in daily operations.
  • Eroded Trust in Automated Assistance: Continual reliance on incorrect customer data can reduce users’ trust in Copilot’s suggestions, making them less likely to use the tool and thus not fully benefit from Microsoft 365’s capabilities.


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