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Data Migration and Data Integration Risks

Mary Doyle February 11th, 2014 Data Governance, Data Quality
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How We Eliminate Data Integration And Data Migration Risks

When you embark on a project to improve productivity, you have a simple goal: find better ways to do things. That’s where data migration and data integration solutions come in. As you work with data, integrating and migrating shrinks administration time and frees up staff for important tasks.

DQ Global® has recognised the importance of data integration and data migration in larger data quality projects. Our developers are inspired by the considerable efficiency gains of workflow automation, so we developed DQ Studio as a one-stop-shop for data migration and data integration projects. It integrates with a number of databases and performs a range of data quality, data cleansing and data deduplication operations, giving businesses the tools they need to put their data to work.

How We Tackled Your Risks

DQ Global® empowers businesses to maintain a commitment to data quality. Our team noticed that data quality projects are sometimes hindered by common problems, and DQ Studio™ was designed to mitigate them one by one.

Technical Difficulties

When tackling data quality, non-technical employees are sometimes tasked with using complex software that they don’t understand. This isn’t just a waste of time; it’s also stressful for your employees who may lack confidence and feel undermined by new technology. DQ Studio™ is therefore a user friendly data migration and data integration tool, and the majority of tasks can be completed using a familiar drag and drop interface.

Duplication of Work

Some integration and/or migration solutions fail to replace old methodologies effectively. Rather than achieving a simple goal – integration and automation – they create more work for people who have more than enough to do already. That’s why DQ Studio™ connects directly to data sources using APIs and other efficient methods, eliminating unfriendly and slow exporting and importing tasks that are unpleasant, time consuming and prone to mistakes.

Difficult Implementation

Developing custom connections between different systems feels like a mammoth task and can be prone to false starts. That’s why DQ Studio™ ships with integration points for popular systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM® and SalesLogix®, and has an open architecture for easy development of additional connectors.

Lacking Advanced Features

While integration and migration tools need to be familiar to non-technical users, they also need to be powerful enough for developer use. If they’re not, their scope will be limited. DQ Studio™ can be controlled using code (C# or Visual Basic) for those businesses that need to develop custom integration solutions.

Poor ROI

Data quality is an ongoing concern, not a one-off assignment. It requires investment of time and resources to be effective. DQ Studio™ is built on proven technology that has been tried and tested in thousands of data quality projects. Additionally, some software solutions require a complete culture change and a significant investment to achieve that, but DQ Studio™ is realistically priced and can be integrated with existing infrastructure. The result is a data migration and data integration tool that can be used affordably in any business setting.

The Solution: DQ Studio

DQ Studio™ gives businesses the tools they need to automate processes, migrate data and bridge the gap between critical applications. It’s designed to meet the needs of a range of users, from the developer to the administrator and beyond. And because DQ Studio™ connects directly to your data sources, it’s an incredibly efficient solution.


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