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DQ Blog News A Deep Dive Into DQ Studios’ Gold Medal Winning Performance

A Deep Dive Into DQ Studios’ Gold Medal Winning Performance

Conor Doyle December 6th, 2021 News
Data Quality Quadrant Awards

Back in April of this year, we announced that our data management engine, DQ Studio™ had won a gold medal at the Data Quality Data Quadrant Awards and now we wanted to dive a little deeper into the detail.

What are the Data Quality Data Quadrant Awards?

Organised by independent software critics, SoftwareReviews, the awards are based entirely on unbiased end user experience.

Ranking products based on feedback from IT and business professionals who are actually using them, the awards are designed to help organisations understand the products available in the marketplace and decide which one would be best for their requirements.

After thorough analysis and feedback from users, a product is then given a Composite Score, based on four areas of evaluation:

  • Vendor Capabilities,
  • Product Features,
  • Net Emotional Footprint, and
  • Likeliness to Recommend.

What is DQ Studio™?

DQ Studio™ is a hugely powerful and customisable master data management engine. It can connect with 130+ data sources through one low code/no code application, DQ Studio™ allows businesses to:

  • extract data,
  • execute powerful data quality workflows, and
  • push data to a new destination.

Utilise powerful matching logic, data transformations and data enrichment, DQ Studio™ can help transform an organisations customer data and ensure its fit for use, saving time and money, and mitigating risk.

How did DQ StudioStack Up?

We are very proud to say that DQ Studio™ won a gold medal and ranked as a leader, receiving a Composite Score of 8.9 out of 10, besting internationally recognised names like IBM and Oracle.

InfoTech Quadrant Image 2021

Vendor Capabilities

In this section, users were asked to rate products based on their strengths and weaknesses. Users were asked to rate difference capabilities on a scale, ranging from Disappoints, Almost Satisfies, Highly Satisfies and Delights.

DG Global vendore capability satisfaction CUSTOM UPDATED DARK

DQ Studio™ received a +87 overall score for Vendor Capabilities, ranking 1st in 5 of the 11 categories.

Of the 11 categories, DQ Studio™ performed the best in the following:

  • Vendor Support – 100% satisfaction
    • This concerned the user’s ability to receive timely and sufficient support.
  • Ease of Data Integration – 90% satisfaction
    • This measured how easy it was to integrate data.
  • Ease of Implementation – 93% satisfaction
    • This considered how easy it was to implement a solution without causing unnecessary disruptions.

DG Global vendore capability satisfaction 2 CUSTOM UPDATED DARK

Product Features

This section asked users to rank product features, using the same scoring system as for vendor capabilities.

DQ Studio™ was again a top ranked product, achieving an overall score of +91.

It also finished 1st place in the following 4 categories:

  • Data Matching – 98% satisfaction in comparison to a category average of 84%.
  • Geocoding – 88% satisfaction in comparison to the category average of 79%.
  • Data Integrity – 93% satisfaction compared to 84% average for the category.

DG Global product feature satisfaction CUSTOM UPDATED DARK

Emotional Footprint

The Emotional Footprint category is one of the most important scores. While business is often guided by insights and data, emotional and instinctive elements also play a huge role.

A product’s Emotional Footprint is a representation of this. Based on an 8-point scale that ranges from negative, to neutral, to positive, a product will receive a plus or minus score out of 100.

The Emotional Footprint is where DQ Studio™ performed above and beyond similar products in the market, achieving a +98 Net Emotional Footprint score.

DG Global emotional footprint CUSTOM UPDATED DARK

Products are scored on 7 questions across three segments, including:

  • Importance to Professional Success – This asked users to rank how important DQ Studio™ is to their current professional success on a scale of critical to irrelevant. DQ Studio™ scored an 100% rating, meaning all users felt it was critical to their professional success.
  • Strength of Emotional Connection – This rated how strong of an emotional connection users had to DQ Studio™, ranging from love to hate. Again, DQ Studio ™ received a 100% approval rating, as all users loved the product.
  • Strategy and Innovation – This section was comprised of 5 sub-categories that sought to appraise users feelings on DQ Studio’s™ ability to help them strategise and innovate. Across the 5 sub-categories, DQ Studio™ achieved a 100% rating in all but one, which it scored 90% in. 100% of users felt that DQ Studio™ helped them innovate, included additional product enhancements, inspired them and appreciated incumbent status.

DG Global net emotional footprint 2 CUSTOM UPDATED DARK

Another element of the Net Emotional Footprint is the Net Relationship Footprint. This sought to analyse the various support teams behind DQ Studio™ and users’ interactions with them.

Again, DQ Studio™ was a standout performer, with our Client Service team, Technical and Product Specialists and Leadership team all scoring a 100% approval rating when asked how effective/knowledgeable and friendly/caring they were.

We are delighted to say that in this category, we scored an overall rating of +100.

DQ Global

At DQ Global, we have been pioneering customer data quality solutions for over 25 years. Our latest suite of products is the latest chapter in our story, and the culmination of our specialist knowledge and dedication to helping organisation around the world get the best out of their customer data.

DG Global EF customer quote CUSTOM UPDATED DARK

If you’d like to discuss our products with us, contact us today by calling +44 (0)23 9298 8303, or email us at info@dqglobal.com

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Written by Conor Doyle

Conor has been at DQ Global for the past 3 years. He now leads the sales team to maintain and build client and business partner relationships. Throughout, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience surrounding Data Quality and established himself as an industry expert.