DQ Global has worked with a large number of companies in various industries worldwide to improve their Data Quality. Below are just a few of the testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

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Very much appreciated DQs support team over the last two months, especially considering my steep learning curve with appRules. They always turn around answers almost immediately and are 100% professional and give confidence in whatever problem I happen to be working on at any given time

Our technical architect was effusive in praise for the DQ products, cost and effectiveness. (Click to see the Wirral Health Informatics Service case study – Achieving the Single Patient View)

Match™ and Authentic8™ assist us in the quest to keep our data clean, up to date and manageable.

I was surprised to see how quickly and efficiently I got a solution for my query from the DQ technical team.

Nothing gets imported into our CRM without going through DedupeExpress™ first. It’s easy to use and deceptively powerful – being able to add your own criteria to the search settings lets me find all those obscure matches that I’d otherwise miss.


DQ Global®’s software tools give us the possibility of cleaning data sources in our CRM system. In the past, without this tool, it was very time-consuming and resulted in bad outcomes. The tools are easy to use, and I really appreciate the facility of merging data directly from the tool.

DQ Global® spent time to understand our specific requirements and tailored a bespoke system to meet our needs. We can now conduct postal/telemarketing campaigns with confidence and be sure we are not endangering our customer base by duplicating contact.

Since purchasing DQ Global’s Dedupe4Excel™ our ability to give an efficient service to our clients has increased by about 100%. DQ Global® software is easy to use, functionality is flexible and its results are extraordinary. The return on Investment on purchase was achieved in less than 3 months. The back-up Customer Care offered by DQ Global® has also been excellent.


DQ Global®’s dedupe program was already in use when I took this position, and it is hard to imagine working without it. I find it flexible and easy to use, and I know I can rely on the results, which is particularly helpful for our acquisition mailing campaigns where accuracy of data is essential. We have just renewed our license and I’m delighted to be able to continue to use the program.


We had no solution for deduping on a rapidly increasing database, the only option for us was to manually dedupe which was resulting in increased resource, so we have definitely got our ROI by purchasing the Match™ software. The support from DQ Global® has been very efficient and professional.


We currently use DedupeExpress™ which works very well for our purposes. Obviously the more you use it the better you get, so I’m improving my results every day….although I would recommend using the products with higher functionality such as Match™, because they retain your filter options, whereas with DedupeExpress™ you have to re-enter them every time you do a dedupe. I do have to say that I have always found your customer support to be pretty good – I’ve had to ring up for help on a few occasions and the team have been very helpful and efficient.

BDO Stoy Hayward have been using Match™ for the last four years. We have kept with our current suppliers as the interface design is simple and intuitive for non-tec savvy users. The marketing department find it easy to use to run their data through for cleaning and deduping. This ensures marketing lists are more accurate and more effective. The software allows BDO SH to maintain the data within its Relationship Management System and reduce the number of duplicates on the system.

DQ Global® provided us with an excellent solution that has enabled us to achieve our business needs, no matter how challenging the data issues, the software has proven flexible and powerful to meet these needs. We found DQ Global’s team professional, helpful and supportive to work with and we continue to rely on their expertise to keep our data accurate. ( Harvey Nichols case study )

Having spent many hours myself cleaning our database it was a relief to find a company that spoke plainly and delivered what they promised. Our database was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend DQ Global®!

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Fast and accurate, this software has saved me hours of data time and a fortune on agency costs.  Simple to use and accurate results, the software enables me to get the results I am looking for and quickly.  From installation to running, the entire process couldn’t be easier, and all backed by a company that values its clients and provides a first class support service.  DQ Global – World class software at its best


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