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Helping you achieve your goals by providing your customers with data they can trust

As a DQ Partner, we will provide you with innovative data quality tools and technologies that will help your clients increase their data accuracy, improve customer experiences, and drive better business results.

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Customer Satisfaction

Empower your customers with customer data they can trust. Implement a data management solution before or after CRM data migration to help your customers achieve and maintain a single customer view.

save money

More Income

We will share the revenue with you from any customers you introduce. The added value of a data management solution will also help you to increase leads, win more business and improve customer retention.

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Sales Enablement

We will share our data quality expertise with your sales teams, empowering them to satisfy your customers. Our co-branded partner assets help communicate the value of high quality data and present simple solutions to your clients data quality challenges.

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Collaborative Support

The last thing we want to do is make your job harder. We listen to our partners and provide collaborative support that doesn’t slow down sales processes or get in the way of your client relationships.

The perks of our partnership

shared revenue icon Increases revenue for both you and your clients


easy to use Elevate clients user experience by eliminating data errors

Customer relationship Ensures data accuracy within your clients CRM


Competitive edge (1) Improves data quality solutions for a competitive edge

Increase User Satisfaction Increases your clients user satisfaction and loyalty


Accurate Insights (1) Higher user adoption with improved customer data

Free DQ for Dynamics software for your demo environment

We want our partners to feel the relief of being liberated from data hell.  Only then can you fully understand the benefits of DQ for Dynamics and be able to demonstrate its power to your clients.

We give our business partners a free licence for DQ for Dynamics, to use within your demo environment. Merge your duplicates for free and experience the power of our technology for yourself.

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DQ Global Partner Pack offer

Co-Marketing and Sales Enablement

We’ve listened to our Partners, and want to empower you to maximise the potential of your clients’ CRM data.

The DQ Partner Comms Pack contains a series of co-branded digital assets to help communicate to your clients the value of high quality data and present simple solutions to their data quality challenges.

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