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 For a trial version of: Perfect & Merge for MS Dynamics™, DQ Studio™ and DQ Components API™, please Contact Us.

Match Deduplication SoftwareMatch™
Identify and remove duplicates, match records and perfect them through our easy to use Match Software to give you a single customer view.

DedupeExpress Deduplication SoftwareDedupeExpress™
A lite version of our Match Software allowing data cleansing, deduplication and cross matching on any database with little or no training.

*The Trial version lasts for 30 days or 5 sessions of 100 records each.

More data quality software trials available on request for:

DQ Studio

Our New workflow based Data Quality improvement software for data integration & data migration

Perfect & Merge

allows MS CRM Dynamics users to perfect and merge multiple duplicates from any business entity

Capture for Infor CRM

works right inside the CRM system. Using the same user interface, it formats and standardizes data

Cleanse for Infor CRM

guarantees records are merged, re-assigned and correctly synchronised.

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