A Single Customer View is a combined, consistent and comprehensive representation of the data known by an organisation about its customers. Modern businesses are increasingly working towards achieving a Single Customer View.

A Single Customer View is not always easy to achieve. The business must make a concerted effort to improve the quality of its data, and continue to maintain data quality over the longer term. But once the single customer view is in place, staff can see a complete picture about every customer and eliminate much of the waste that was generated before.

At DQ Global we have been developing Data Cleansing Software for over 20 years, we have a  range of software that can help you achieve a Single Customer View.

Match Deduplication Software
Our DQ Match™ Deduplication Software is easy to use and fast, it works directly with your CRM applications or database(s) to identify duplicates and ensure your data is correctly formatted and duplicate free allowing a single customer view.

DedupeExpress Deduplication Software

DedupeExpress™ Cleansing Software is the light version of our DQ Match™ product. DedupeExpress™ will connect directly to your database(s) or CRM applications to recognise duplicate records and ensure your data is free of duplicates and accurate.

Capture Data Quality Software

Capture for Saleslogix™ is a bundle which ensures your data quality is right first time, every time. Formatting, standardizing and fuzzy matching data prior to record entry, prevents Saleslogix™ users unintentionally introducing duplicate account or contact records.

Cleanse Data Deduplication Software

Cleanse for Saleslogix™ is a bundle which provides advanced deduplication and data management for Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, it guarantees records are intelligently merged, re-assigned and correctly synchronised.

Perfect & Merge CRM Deduplication Software

DQ Global’s Perfect & Merge™ is a companion product which can be used in a web browser to address the shortcomings of MS Dynamics CRM. This allows duplicate records to be reviewed and processed side by side to perfect and merge records with ease, providing a single customer view.


Benefits For Business of a Single Customer View

The Single Customer View is a multidimensional database containing all customer records in one place. The business can depend on this database to produce an accurate picture of any client at any time.

The single customer view allows each department complete access to customer records and offers numerous benefits.

  • Multiple touch points ensure that the customer record is enhanced over time.
  • Each department can see what the others are doing.
  • Time is saved – there are no futile searches for data that is stored in unlikely archives or in dusty paper files.
  • Through data quality initiatives, waste is reduced.

The end result is a duplicate-free database that serves the business and helps to to achieve its customer service, sales and technical support goals.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve a Single Customer View.

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Our Data Cleansing Software integrates with CRM applications to deliver Single Customer View: