What does Data Bureau and Professional Services mean?

The term Data Bureau Services simply refers to the outsourcing of your data quality or data cleansing improvement tasks. The term Professional Services refers to the delivery of training, consulting or development delivered for a fee.

Why Bureau Services?

If you don’t have the time or inclination to use our data cleansing software or you just have a one off data cleansing project, then our Data Bureau Services may be suitable for you. Our experts know how to get the very best out of our tools so your data is returned cleansed and fit for use. We will understand your requirements, analyse your data and submit a data quality report showing:

  • The current state of your data
  • The actions we can take to improve it
  • The costs associated with correcting it and improving its value

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Why Professional Services?

If you don’t have the resources or need a helping hand with your data cleansing or data quality challenges, we’ll be here to guide you through. We apply our GROW methodology to ensure we have a coherent and robust plan for success. Our Professional Services consist of:

  • Training – helping our clients optimise the use of our products and get the best results
  • Consulting – providing best practice advice and transferring industry know how to avoid mistakes and shorten project roll outs
  • Development – providing custom integration or function extension code to add value to any project

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