Partnering with DQ Global offers our Reseller Partners access to a wide range of data quality solutions which can be offered to customers allowing them to meet the challenges they face when trying to solve complex data quality issues.

We have spent the past 20 years developing our Data Quality Software and in recent years our main focus for development has been in delivering software that integrates seamlessly with CRM systems. Currently, our software integrates with Infor CRM™ and MS Dynamics CRM and coming soon with Salesforce. Working right inside the CRM system, our data quality software allows the data to remain inside the system, avoiding risky data migrations.

Our data quality software has been developed by us to enable businesses to unlock the value of their data. Using our software you will benefit from the ability to perform data cleansing, data deduplication, data integration, data enhancement and business process automation tasks with ease and speed.

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Choose your partner level:

referral partnerREFERRAL PARTNERS – Register a lead with DQ Global and receive commission if the projects is completed

alliance-partnerALLIANCE PARTNERS – Resell DQ Global Software as part of your solution offering and receive consulting and technical support from the DQ Global team

solutions-partnerSOLUTION PARTNERS – Use DQ Global Software to deliver projects to your customers – A solution Partner will have the ability and resources to support, implement and deliver complex data quality projects will little help from DQ Global

OEMOEM PARTNERS – Integrate or White Label DQ Global products into their own solutions

The benefits of becoming a DQ Reseller Partner:

  • The ability for you to offer a full data quality service to your customers
  • Full training and support from our technical team
  • Our data quality software is fully integrated with CRM Systems such as Infor CRM™, MS Dynamics CRM and “coming soon” Salesforce – making it easy to use and implement
  • Benefit from our marketing activity (press releases and cases studies etc.) and shared publicity
  • Access to our knowledge base and benefit from over 20 years experience in developing data quality software

Partner with Us:

At DQ Global “We make Data fit for Business”. Why not add value to your offering by becoming a DQ Reseller Partner.

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