Our Data Quality Tools are Designed to Assist in Master Data Management (MDM)

Like, Single Customer View (SCV) and Customer Data Integration (CDI), Master Data Management (MDM) can only succeed if the data which drives the Master Data Management process is fit for purpose. The objective of Master Data Management is to provide and maintain a consistent view of an organization’s core business entities. We have developed a wide range of Data Quality Software designed to assist with Master Data Management projects.

There are different approaches to Master Data Management:

  • Data consolidation – captures data from multiple source systems and integrates into a single persistent data store.
  • Data federation – provides a single virtual view of one or more source data files.
  • Data propagation – copies data from one location to another.

How our Data Quality Tools can help with Master Data Management:

DQ Global’s Data Quality Tools are designed to assist you in delivering static or dynamic master data capabilities. With a trusted single version of the truth and accurate data available to the enterprise, all business applications can share linked customer data so you better serve your customers, drive out waste and have more profitable relationships.


Our easy to use DQ Match™ Deduplication Software works directly with your CRM applications or database(s). Match ™  will cleanse your data, making it duplicate free and ensuring it is correctly formatted.


Our Perfect & Merge™ Software has been developed to tackle the problem of poor data quality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Duplicate records can be reviewed and processed side by side to perfect and merging records with ease.


Dedupe4Dynamics™ Software is designed to identify duplicates in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. It links directly to your MS Dynamics CRM system to identify matches and works in 5 spoken languages to deliver a single customer view.


DedupeExpress™ Deduplication Software is the light version of our DQ Match™ product. DedupeExpress™ will connect directly to your database(s) or CRM applications to recognise duplicate records and ensure your data is free of duplicates and correctly formatted.

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