At DQ Global  we have been helping customers for over 20 years to achieve their data quality objectives. We have developed a range of Data Cleansing Solutions that will  help you make your data duplicate free and correctly formatted.

CRM applications are our speciality, our roots can be traced back to the implementation of CRM systems, so we understand the importance of improving and  maintaining the standard of data within the application.

Whether you are looking to achieve a single customer view, remove duplicates or standardise your data, we can provide data cleansing solutions that will make your CRM data fit for business.

We have a wide range of data cleansing solutions
that can help improve your data quality:

DQ Match

Match Deduplication SoftwareOur easy to use data cleansing Software, DQ Match™ connects directly to disparate data sources, identifies matches fast and produces duplicate free databases and mailing files…Read More

DQ Components API

DQ Components API Data Quality SoftwareDQ Components API™ provides a set of data quality improvement functions which will ensure the quality and structure of your data is constantly improved and maintained… Read More

Perfect & Merge


Designed to integrate directly with MS Dynamics CRM, our Perfect & Merge™ Software has been developed to tackle the problem of poor data quality in MS Dynamics CRM…Read More


cleanseCleanse for SalesLogix™ this bundle makes advanced data management really simple. Covering accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities, it ensures that records are intelligently merged, re-assigned and correctly synchronised…Read More


captureCapture™ for SalesLogix With the same user interface of Saleslogix you can identify duplicate records at point of entry, standardize and format record input, address lookups for 240 countries and fuzzy matching in 5 spoken languages…Read More