Big Data problems are fast becoming the leading data quality issue for businesses of all sizes. With Big Data flooding into our systems from a multitude of sources, duplicate data has to be identified and merged, or chaos will rule. Matching information to records already held is vital and unless duplicates are removed, the single customer view retreats into a dream.

Our Deduplication Software

Deduplication Software for Big Data from DQ Global® can help you make sense of it all and save you from embarrassing mix-ups and mailing errors. Our Match™ Deduplication Software is fast and easy to use. It connects directly to any database or CRM application to deduplicate and cross match customer records at point of entry.

Match Deduplication SoftwareOur Match™ Deduplication Software will merge, purge and re-assign orphans using an in-built data processor for advanced formatting and standardisation. Wherever your Big Data comes from,  our Match™ Deduplication Software will help you cope with it and maintain accurate master records.

DedupeExpress Deduplication Software

Our DedupeExpress™ Deduplication Software is a cut down version of Match™ with an easy to use interface DedupeExpress™ allows users of all abilities to carry out data cleansing work, it also connects directly to your database or CRM system. It is easy to upgrade to Match™ when Big Data stretches your data storage capacity.

Whatever the size of your enterprise or your database, our Deduplication Software for Big Data will ensure that the quality of your data is not marred with duplicates.

Deduplication Solutions from DQ Global

For more than 20 years DQ Global® has been helping clients of all sizes all over the world with data quality issues. We understand your problems and we will help to solve them with quality services and products. We are continually developing our Data Quality and Deduplication Software to keep up with technological advances and the demands of the modern world.

If you use our  Deduplication Software to solve your Big Data issues, you can be confident about the quality of your data and guaranteed a Single Customer View you can trust.

Contact Us today to find out more about our Deduplication Software for Big Data.

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Our Deduplication Software connects directly to any database or CRM application including: