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    Data has never been regarded as dynamic or exciting, but it’s health is vital to any business. Many believe that the amount of data entering an organisation will expand a hundredfold over the next five years. IT Directors and Managers must embrace cost effective Data Quality Software to maintain high velocity and an active customer operational environment.

    Data does not stay fresh but becomes stale… purging data of errors and duplicates saves costs and prevents customers being alienated by being contacted more than once with the same objectives.

    We are authors of the Data Quality Software which we have been developing over the past 20 years. We have a team of data quality experts who will advise you on your Data Quality Software requirements.

    The quality of data depends on it being accurate and free from duplication. Unless an efficient and on going Data Quality system is set up, your data will do more harm than good.

    When you know you have a good data quality management system in place, then you can rely on your data. You will make decisions with confidence, and your business will benefit.

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  • Match Deduplication SoftwareOur DQ Match™ Deduplication Software works directly with your CRM applications or database(s) to identify duplicates and ensure your data is correctly formatted and duplicate free. Using our DQ Match™ Software you can make vast improvements to the quality of your data.

  • DedupeExpress Deduplication SoftwareDQ DedupeExpress™ Deduplication Software is the light version of our DQ Match™ product. DQ DedupeExpress™ will connect directly to your database(s) or CRM applications to recognise duplicate records and ensure your data is free of duplicates and correctly formatted.

  • Perfect & Merge CRM Deduplication SoftwareDQ Perfect & Merge™ is a companion product which can be used in a web browser to address the shortcomings of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This allows duplicate records to be reviewed and processed side by side to perfect and merge records with ease.

  • appRules_TMDQ appRules ™ is a next generation software for: data migration, application integration, business process automation, data cleansing and business rules execution.

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