How Can Our Data Cleansing Products Help?

Our products are designed to work with your GIS (Geographical Information Systems) solution to correct, cleanse and match multiple instances of names, addresses and products, for data standardization, regardless of field inconsistencies, misspellings or misplacements.

Clean Geo Spatial Data

Geographical Information Systems visualize dirty data fast.

Without accurately geo-coded records you can make very bad decisions with a high level of certainty.

Accurate names and address are critical for GIS success. Without accurate data for spacial and drive time analysis the wrong message will be sent for lead generation, cross selling and up selling. For joined up GIS to be a reality, all systems must be inter-connected and fed with clean, correct, complete, consistent and reliable data to:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Make sure addresses are postcode deliverable
  • Suppress deceased and gone away preference records
  • Create a single customer view