Data Cleansing for CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Our data cleansing and data quality tools are designed to work with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with the minimum of fuss to deliver, accurate and duplicate free data which supports your (CRM) initiatives.

Running a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system with dirty data is like driving a car with the handbrake on and full of contaminated fuel. It may still work, but when the data friction is removed and it is fuelled with accurate and trusted data, it will go a lot faster and can be trusted to get you to where you want to go.

CRM applications work best when filled with data that can be trusted; are consistent, accurate and duplicate free.


There are many ways for the CRM data to become contaminated and slow your CRM initiative down:

  • Input & Interaction by CRM users
  • Import of records into CRM from other sources
  • Integrating or interchanging data between CRM and other systems

Capture for Infor CRM

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Cleanse for Infor CRM

cleanseOur Cleanse for Infor CRM bundle works on data already in your Infor CRM system. It will identify duplicates and intelligently merge them, leaving you with a cleaner and more reliable data…Read More

Perfect & Merge

perfect&merge-logoPerfect & Merge™ for MS Dynamics CRM allows users to perfect and merge multiple duplicates from any business entity (not just Accounts and Contacts) in an easy to use browser based environment… Read more

DQ Match

match-logoOur Match™ Software is designed to work with CRM systems to identify, merge and remove duplicates so you always have a Single Customer View… Read more

When the CRM data is contaminated, the single customer view is not maintained and there is no single version of the truth. Marketing is less effective, reports are incorrect and decisions are based on flawed data. Using our Data Cleansing Software for CRM allows you to eliminate the above and provides you with data you can trust.