Data Quality Tools for Business Intelligence

Our products are designed to work with your Business Intelligence Solutions with the minimum of fuss to deliver, accurate and duplicate free data which supports your BI initiatives.

Data Cleansing for Business Intelligence Managers

Numerous BI projects have failed to deliver consistent and accurate reporting capabilities due to inability to consolidate the data successfully.  When a discrepancy is identified on one piece of data, all data is called into question and a chain reaction set off. The result, critical decisions are postponed, data is re-worked, processes reviewed and ultimately money is wasted.

The root cause is often that the data sources have discrepancies in format, inconsistent, missing or duplicated values which means that a single version of the truth is not achieved.

In order to overcome this challenge, businesses require technologies which embed data quality capabilities right into their enterprise applications. When embedded they constantly maintain the accuracy and value of the data which feeds all down-stream applications and impacts strategic decision-making.