Data Quality Tools for EDM Managers

The objective of enterprise data management is to deliver a consistent approach to the data stored in all business applications across the enterprise. On this basis we believe the following data management principles should be applied:

Data Management Principles

  • Data is an Asset – Data is a core business asset that has value to the enterprise and is managed accordingly.
  • Data is Shared – Users have access to the data necessary to perform their duties; therefore data is shared across enterprise functions and departments
  • Data is Accessible – Data is accessible for users to perform their functions.
  • Data Quality – Data quality is acceptable and meets the business need for which it is intended.
  • Data is Compliant with Law and Regulations – Information management processes comply with all relevant laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Data is Secure – Data is trustworthy and is safeguarded from unauthorized access, whether malicious, fraudulent or erroneous.
  • There is a Common Vocabulary and Data Definition – Data is defined consistently throughout the enterprise and the definitions are understandable and available to all users.
  • Data is Not Duplicated – Development of information services (such as business applications, data warehouses, directory services etc) available across the enterprise is preferred over the development of information silos which are only provided to a particular department or group of departments.
  • Data Management is Everybody’s Business – All departments in the enterprise participate in information management decisions needed to accomplish business objectives.
  • Decisions Maximise the Benefit of Data to the Organisation – A spirit and culture of collaboration and the sharing of data, information and knowledge for the greater corporate good shall pervade all decision-making, especially relating to the selection and prioritisation of programmes, projects and their approval points.

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