Designed for developers, the DQ Components API™ provides a set of data quality improvement functions which will ensure the quality and structure of your data is constantly improved and maintained.

Using the extensive functions available, developers can compose code with ease which will continually assess, prevent and correct all common data quality challenges.

The DQ Components API™ offers a comprehensive set of composable functions which provide total flexibility in the way you identify, correct and prevent data defects within your organisation.

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Data is the lifeblood of any business. Attracting, winning and retaining business today means knowing your customer and serving their needs. To achieve this, your data must be of high enough quality to deliver Single Customer Views (SCV), Master Data Management (MDM) and support informed business decisions. The DQ Components API™ ensures you prevent bad data from entering your business system as well as clean up what is already within the system. The DQ Components API™ is a must for any business that cares about their data quality and will help you achieve:

  • Higher data quality, for trusted decision making
  • Reduced waste through unnecessary data scrap and re-work
  • Single Customer View (SCV) so you serve your customers better
  • Master Data Management (MDM) so you store a single version of the truth
  • Greater success in Data Migration and Data Integration projects
  • Reduced development time and risk in the delivery of Data Quality Projects
  • Greater adoption of business applications including (CRM, ERP, DW, GIS, BI etc.)


The DQ Components™ are supplied as .NET DLL’s with all supporting documentation and test code. The DQ Components™ are a set of API functions, which are described below:

iValidate – Checks the syntactical validity of Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…

iGenerate – Generates phonetic match keys used for deduplication, including: DQ Fonetix™, Soundex, Metaphone and more…

iTransform – Transforms data (abbreviate, elaborate, exclude or normalize) in 5 spoken languages and from 12 entity categories.

iFormat – Correctly format worldwide Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…

iCompare – Score the similarity between records and choose from multiple comparison methods, including: Levenshtein, Jaro Winkler and more…

iDerive – Obtain a gender from a given name and segment contact data by job roles and decision making levels derived from a job title.

iClassify – Identify what a piece of data represents. i.e Brian or Sven is a person name, Road, Strasse or Rue are address elements and Ltd or LLC are Company legal suffix. 

iParse – Split data into parts for entities including: Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…

iVerify – Match records against surrogate reference data, including: Addressing which covers 240 Countries, Location GeoCodes, Company Names, People living at an address and more…

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