DedupeExpress™ Deduplication Software is the lite version of our DQ Match™ product. DedupeExpress™ will connect directly to your database(s) or CRM applications to recognise duplicate records and ensure your data is correctly formatted.

Dedupe Express is easy to use and fast. The intuitive user interface in DedupeExpress™ allows users of all proficiencies to carry out their own data cleansing, deduplication and cross-matching. With little or no training you will produce accurate marketing lists and have duplicate free CRM (Infor CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, etc.) application databases.

Poorly maintained data destroys credibility, reduces loyalty and adversely impacts on your brand.

We offer a 30 day free trial License of our DQ Match™ and also our DedupeExpress™ so you can see for yourself how easy, fast and effective they are – Download Free Trial.

If you would like to compare the functionality of our DQ Match™ against our DedupeExpress™ Software please refer to our Comparison Sheet.


Achieve duplicate free data you can trust to deliver:

  • Accurate and correctly formatted records
  • Delivering a single version of the truth through a Single Customer View (SCV)
  • Reduced waste caused by duplicate mailings
  • Greater profit by saving time and money
  • Better information for better informed decisions


Direct database connectivity
Connect directly to your data sources to avoid error-prone import/export routines and cross-compare different databases and formats.  Native drivers are available for:

  • Flat Files (CSV, TXT and many more…)
  • Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and many more…)
  • Applications (Microsoft Access, Excel and many more…)
  • CRM Applications (SalesLogix, MS Dynamics CRM and many more…)

International data transformations libraries
DedupeExpress™ uses our extensive libraries of international data transformations to improve the matching process and to transform data across 12 categories in five spoken languages.

Interactive duplicate review
Review duplicate groups with ease using our interactive review screens, allow users to accept or reject matching records and perfect records through direct edit or drag and drop capabilities.

Linking and scoring
DedupeExpress™ produces a master and duplicate ID result list of relationships, along with their percentage match score and duplicate groupings. These are ideal for linking records across systems as a reference of which records are associated.

Data Migration and Data Integration projects are simplified and CRM systems can purge duplicates identified and flagged with certainty.

Masters and duplicates may be grouped, linked and cross populated with each others unique ID’s using the powerful integrated data processing capabilities.

Database integrity
To preserve referential integrity, our “Reassign Orphans Wizard” ensures otherwise orphaned data is re-assigned to the surviving master record.

Contact us for more information on our Deduplication Software for Data Cleansing Projects.


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Click the screenshot below to enlarge
The screenshot shows a DedupeExpress session with an uploaded database and ready for matching.

Data Deduplication Software Screenshot

Click the screenshot below to enlarge
The screenshot shows a review of the results DedupeExpress has found as potential matches, displaying a matching score.

Data Deduplication Software Screenshot