Dedupe4Dynamics™ Software is designed to identify duplicates in your MS Dynamics CRM application.

Link directly to your MS Dynamics CRM system and identify matches for fast and accurate deduplication in 5 spoken languages to deliver Single Customer View (SCV) projects.

Users have complete control over the way the matches are identified. Once found you can manage duplicate records with ease – review, enhance, group, link, update or flag for deletion in MS Dynamics CRM as appropriate.

Dedupe4Dynamics™ does not require coding, however, if required, it is fully extensible through our integrated Visual Basic capability.  Additionally, our powerful data processing engine allows users to standardize and format data using our extensive libraries for data transformation, formatting and validating so your MS Dynamics CRM system has the cleanest data possible.


Dedupe4Dynamics™ Data Cleansing Software will make sure your data is fit for business use and will ensure you benefit from:

  • Single Customer View (SCV) –  for better customer care
  • Waste Reduction – by avoiding unnecessary data scrap and rework
  • Master Data Management (MDM) – initiatives supported by a single version of the truth
  • Better Decisions – accurate duplicate free data underpins better-informed decision making
  • Automation –  automate repetitive data management tasks
  • Increased Data Value  – maximises the value of your data assets and makes them fit for use


Easy to use interface
An intuitive user interface with simple step by step set up ensures that users of all proficiencies are able to install and operate the application and quickly produce accurate mailing lists and name and address databases.

International data transformations libraries
DQ Global’s® international data transformation libraries improve the matching process to transform 12 categories in five spoken languages.

User-defined merge/append/update functionality
Users have complete control over the treatment of identified matches. Process potential matches with ease – review, enhance, group, link, update or flag for deletion as appropriate.

Dedupe4Dynamics™ can flag duplicate groups into the MS Dynamics CRM database for processing from within MS Dynamics CRM, or be used in conjunction with our DQ Perfect & Merge™ application.

Linking and scoring
Dedupe4Dynamics™ generates a results list of master and duplicate ID relationships, along with their percentage match score and groupings.

These are ideal for linking records across systems as a reference of which records are associated, as well as for data migration and data integration projects, or for grouping matched records which enables CRM systems to process and remove duplicates.

Interactive duplicate review
Interactive duplicate review screens allow users to intervene where there is matching ambiguity to create perfect records by drag and drop or direct edit capabilities. For automated processing, our fully integrated Visual Basic (VB) scripting can automate any data management rules you can think of.

Data processing capabilities
The data processor is designed to automate many of the standard data processing tasks required on an ad-hoc or daily basis.

Benefiting from the same reference libraries as Dedupe4Dynamics™ it is able to standardize, pre-and post-process millions of records with ease.

Armed with the data processor you are empowered with many man years of data management expertise. Create customised transformations which will standardise name and address information and screen out salacious or ‘junk’ data.

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The screenshot shows a deduplication session ready to run in Dedupe4Dynamics.


The screenshot shows the reviewing of the potential duplicate records found by the software, according to the set rules.



The screenshot shows the rules builder option, using a matching key to find better results of duplicate records in the database.




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