The foundation of any successful CRM initiative is high quality data. Our Capture and Cleanse bundles for Saleslogix™ are designed to achieve this, eradicating duplicates and improving CRM data quality.

Capture for Saleslogix™ and Cleanse for Saleslogix™ (DQ Suite for Saleslogix™) will detect, correct and prevent duplicates at point of capture or post data entry to deliver accurate, trusted data.

Duplicates in Saleslogix™ diminish trust and prevent businesses obtaining a Single Customer View (SCV). Working right inside Saleslogix™, the DQ Suite for Saleslogix™ bundles both share the same familiar look and feel of Saleslogix™ so no additional application training is required.

Capture Data Quality SoftwareCapture for Saleslogix™

is a bundle which ensures you get CRM data quality right the first time.  It formats and standardizes data and uses fuzzy searching prior to record entry, to prevent Saleslogix™ users unintentionally introducing duplicate account or contact records.

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Cleanse Data Deduplication SoftwareCleanse for Saleslogix™

is a bundle which provides advanced data management for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities, it guarantees records are intelligently merged, re-assigned and correctly synchronised; ensuring data is fit for business.

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