Data Cleansing Tools for Direct Marketing

Our products are designed to work with your marketing solutions to correct, cleanse and match multiple instances of names, addresses and products for data standardization, regardless of field inconsistencies, misspellings or misplacements.

Clean Data & Improved Database Marketing

Attempting Direct Marketing with dirty data is a pretty thankless task.

  • Time is wasted, collating, correcting and corroborating marketing data
  • Money is wasted on direct marketing activity to duplicated or deceased contact records
  • Brand is wasted when suspects, prospects and customers wishes are not respected

Direct Marketing has many components, including: The Message, the Creative, the Data. However, it seems the data gets 20 % of the time and budget allocated, yet represents 80% of the impact.

Marketing needs accurate data for market analysis, lead generation, cross selling and up selling. For joined up marketing to be a reality, all systems must be inter-connected and fed with clean, correct, complete, consistent and reliable data to:

  • Avoid marketing waste
  • Eliminate duplicates – see our dedupe software
  • Ensure addresses are postcode deliverable – see our Address verification tools
  • Suppress gone away preference and deceased records
  • Create a single customer view for a single version of the truth
  • Make better decisions

Contact Us for more information on how our Data Quality Software can help with your Data Cleansing for DM or you may wish to try our Data Bureau Services.