Data & Bureau Services

If you don’t have the time or inclination to use our data cleansing software; then our data bureau services may be more suitable. We are confident we know how to best use our tools on your data to return it cleansed and fit for use.

CRM data is our speciality and we will be pleased to assist in the following areas to ensure your data is returned accurate, duplicate free and fit for business use:

  • Data Audit – Identifies the accuracy of the data currently held within your database(s)
  • Address cleansing – Ensures your post get delivered in up to 230 countries
  • Deduplication, Matching and Linking – Avoids marketing waste and improves customer satisfaction
  • Data formatting and Standardization – Ensuring your data is consistent and selectable
  • Suppression – Stops waste and prevents offending those that don’t want or need your offer
  • Business Intelligence – Adds Demographics to improve your understanding and targeting of prospects and customers
  • Clean, Verify and Format – Standardizes name and address information internationally
  • Append – Adds UK telephone numbers post codes, mailing bar codes and missing address elements
  • eMail Append – Adds missing eMails using our unique eThenticate™ technology and match back to BizBase™
  • Trace – Finds former customers and prospects at their new address
  • Enhance – Appends consumer or Business data with financial, demographic and lifestyle information
  • Add job codes – Appends level and role to B2B databases for cross tab analysis and segmentation

Remote Data Bureau Services

Securely transfer your data and we will clean, deduplicate and authenticate it.

Using our own industry-proven software we will ensure that your data is audited, corrected and returned to you fast.

Secure On-Site Data Services

If you, like many others, prefer to not transfer your data off site, we are able to come to you and carry out the bureau service.

Using our own industry-proven software we will ensure that your data is audited, corrected and fixed on your premises.

Virtual On-Site Data Services

As an extension of the On-Site service, we provide a virtual service.  We provide you with a virtual machine on a portable USB hard drive. You simply plug it into any PC with the minimum specification and high speed Broadband connection.

Using this virtual machine, we configure and run the data cleansing sessions remotely for you so you’re not paying for travel and idle consulting time.

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