Customer Data Management

  • Our Data Quality Software has been  designed to assist in Customer Data Management

    Customer Data Management (CDM), like Customer Data Integration (CDI) is the process of consolidating and managing customer data from all available sources, including:

    • Customer contact details
    • Customer interactions
    • Customer preferences

    Properly conducted, CDM ensures that all relevant departments in the company have constant access to the most complete and current view of customer information available. As such, CDM is an essential element of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Like all other data management processes poor quality data prevents the successful deployment of such systems. Without sophisticated data standardization, Address Verification and Data Matching capabilities it is not possible to associate and link records correctly to deliver a trusted Single Customer View (SCV).

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  • match-logoDQ Match™, deduplication cross matching data cleansing software designed to work directly with your database(s) or CRM applications.

  • appRules_TMappRules ™ is a next generation software for: data migration, application integration, business process automation, data cleansing and business rules execution.

  • perfect&merge-logoDQ Perfect & Merge™  is a companion data cleansing software which can be used in a web browser to address data quality for MS  Dynamics CRM.

  • components-logoDQ Components API™ a developers tool which provides a set of data cleaning improvement functions which will ensure the quality and structure of your data is constantly maintained.

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