Customer Data Integration

Our Data Quality Products are designed to assist in Customer Data Integation (CDI)

Like Master Data Management (MDM) and Single Customer View (SCV), Customer Data Integration projects are only a success when the data used to integrate systems are made consistent, are correctly formatted and duplicate free. Associating customer data across disparate business systems requires experience and sophisticated matching capabilities if records are to be associated correctly and false positives avoided.

DQ Global’s products are designed to provide active customer data integration capabilities. With correctly associated and correctly linked customer records your business applications will benefit from Single Customer View and dynamic Master Data Management to deliver actionable information.

DQ Studio Data Migration Integration Software


Our NEW DQ Studio™ is a next generation product for Data Migration, Business Process Automation and Application Integration. Based on Windows Workflow Foundation, DQ Studio™ uses a user friendly design to deliver a system that supports a broad range of users from advanced developers to the non-technical.

Features of DQ Studio™

  • Connect to 16 different data source types
  • Connect directly to system applications using their API’s
  • Employs over 792 workflow activities packaged in 25 modules
  • Includes functionality to run or schedule workflows
  • Stores workflows in the Compact Edition database repository
  • Includes functionality to deploy workflows on stand-alone machines

To Read more about our New DQ Studio™ Product – Click here or Contact Us for more information.

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