Authentic8™ is an address verification software which will parse, standardise and format your addresses.

Working directly with your database(s) or CRM application, Authentic8™ will batch process local or international data (240 countries) to ensure they are accurate and deliverable.

Authentic8™ is an easy to use address correction software which, when coupled with the optional reference data sets, will increase the effectiveness and response rates of any direct mail campaign.

If your address verification is a one off task however, why not try our Data Bureau Services to fix the root cause of your data quality problems.


Authentic8™ will verify and correct addresses in 240 countries so you benefit from:

  • Higher response rates for your direct mail campaigns
  • Accurate addresses for improved record matching and Single Customer View (SCV)
  • Significant savings in your direct mailing budget through fewer undeliverable mailings
  • Mailing discounts through the use of Customer Bar Coded addresses
  • Improved customer targeting


Direct database connectivity
Avoid error-prone import/export routines by connecting directly into your data sources. Native drivers are available for:

  • Flat Files (CSV, TXT and many more…)
  • Databases (SQL Server, MySQL and many more…)
  • Applications (Microsoft Access, Excel and many more…)
  • CRM Applications (InforCRM, MS Dynamics, Salesforce and many more…)

International address verification
Authentic8™ will verify address records against international postal authority reference datasets. Using these you can correct and format addresses from over 240 countries and add parts of an address which were previously missing and much more…

Format to local standards
Once an address has been matched against a reference set, Authentic8™ has the intelligence to format the data into the local standard of the address, so that the address is mailable straight away.

Easy to use interface
An intuitive user interface with simple step by step set up ensures that users of all proficiencies are able to install and operate the application to quickly verify your data.

Interactive review
You can interactively review your ambiguous records to verify addresses which cannot be processed programmatically.

Multiple user review
Share the interactive review process across multiple users and reduce the time it takes to benefit from accurate address data.

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