Working with DQ Global, clients across a variety of countries and industries have capitalised on their investment in data and CRM, turning an intolerable liability into a healthy and profitable asset.



We are authors of Data Quality Software.

Our data quality solutions have been developed over the last 20 years and have helped a large number of businesses worldwide improve the quality of their data.

Armed with accurate and trusted data they have been able to drive out waste, reduce risk and make better informed business decisions.

Our products integrate with leading databases and applications including: Oracle, SQL Server,, SAP, SageCRM, SalesLogix and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


We listen to the challenges our clients face to identify how we can help…

Then, using our proven G.R.O.W methodology, we work with clients to understand their data quality GOALS, the REALITY of their current situation, the OBSTACLES they face and WHAT we can do together to deliver high quality trusted data.

Ultimately, we help clients succeed through improving the quality of data stored in their business applications and databases.


By teaming with our clients to combine:

  • Our expertise in data and information quality
  • Our leading technology, and…
  • Your inherent knowledge of your systems and data, to provide a solution which makes your data fit for business use


  • Trusted data, hence more accurate information which provides the platform for better informed decisions.
  • A single view of your CRM customer’s, which leads to reduced waste and better customer service
  • Better segmentation leading to improved marketing capabilities

“After all if you don’t serve your customers right, it will serve you right!”